Almond Tequila. By Annie Mary Perez.

Almond Tequila. By Annie Mary Perez.

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Almond Tequila. By Annie Mary Perez. Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN: 978-1544188041 $19.95

This book is published by Floricanto Press: 

Puerto San Carlos is Jake’s idea of paradise. A place where he could fish all day, play his guitar, and drink tequila all day long. He has been visiting this dusty little fishing village with its colorful inhabitants and curious superstitions and customs for the past eight summers. When Socorro Reyes vows to put a brujería on her former friend for cheating her, Jake persuades her to let karma handle it. When Ricardo Avila fails to carry out his dead mother’s wishes, the man receives an unexpected visitor. When Xochitl Madrigal asks Jake to captain El Barco de Libros, little does he know that they will be sailing into the eye of a storm. Between all this and trying to save the endangered sea turtles, it turns out to be an eventful summer, leading Jake to make a life changing decision. 

Captivating and descriptive, Almond Tequila evokes the richness of Baja California where stunning scenery, aquatic wildlife, tasty cuisine, and warm melodies soothe the soul. The reader is immersed in folkloric culture, gentle surf, island breezes, and the amazing flavor of chocolate clams.—José Chavez, Author, Estrellitas y Nopales~ Little Stars and Cactus 

Annie Mary Perez was born in Los Angeles, California, and earned her B.A. at California State University, Los Angeles. Her first book, Clay Hills and Mud Pies, won three International Latino Book Awards. She resides in a beachside community and volunteers for Latino Literacy Now, a non-profit organization that promotes literacy in the Latino community.

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