Barrio Side Hero. By Enrique S. Flores.

Barrio Side Hero. By Enrique S. Flores.

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Latino Fiction Socialo life and customs book


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Latino Fiction book


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Hispanic literature book

Barrio Side Hero. By Enrique S. Flores. ISBN: 978-179515904-3 180 pages. $17.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino book, Chicano literature book, Latino literature book, Hispanic literature book, Latinos--Social life and customs Fiction book, Barrio life Fiction  book

This book is published by Floricanto Press.


Barrio Side Hero narrates the life of the author climbing over, tunneling under, and going around a vast array of “walls,” obstacles, and challenges, including racism, poverty, gang violence, and mental health struggles. Barrio Side Hero invites the reader walk in the chanclas on the deep and dystopian barrio experience, an adrenaline-rush ride, as well as witness and live through the valley of agony in the other side of the achievement gap and breaking the cycle of poverty. Barrio Side Hero, has a triple meaning, it represents the pride of “originating from” the Barrio Side; as well as standing with and being “for and on” the Barrio’s Side; and last, it announces that a Hero has “emerged as a product” from the Barrio Side.

“I had a young lady in court today who read your book while in custody.  She loved it.  She hates to read books but loved your book.  Have you thought of doing a writing class with the kids in Juvenile Hall or the Ranch?” —Juvenile Justice Judge

“In this powerfully raw and unwaveringly honest memoir of the life of a young man, Flores captures his journey from the barrios of San Jose to Santa Clara University. Through these two worlds clashing and merging he underscores the power of family, community, and faith along the path to academic success. Barrio Side Hero is a memoir for those wanting to understand the lives of young Latino men who are sobresalientes yet have deep roots in their comunidad.”—Ms. Fernández (University Professor)

Enrique Flores comes from a working-class, low-income family. Flores’ story of overcoming anger, gang violence and mentality is poignant and profound. He and his brother were stabbed as a result of gang violence. He grew up in East San Jose’s “Story & King Rds. Neighborhood.” He attended neighborhood schools and, with the help of Jesuit Priests, he received a scholarship to Bellarmine College Preparatory, and  earned a B.S. and a M.A. from Santa Clara University. He returned to the neighborhood where he grew up devoting over twenty years to mentoring at-risk and high-risk youth.

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