Bruno Estañol: The Collected Fiction. By Bruno Estañol.
Bruno Estañol

Bruno Estañol: The Collected Fiction. By Bruno Estañol.

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Hispanic literature book

Bruno Estañol: The Collected Fiction. By Bruno Estañol. Translation from the Spanish and preface by Eduardo Jiménez. ISBN 978-0-915745-84-5. $25.95.

The narratives collected in this volume are mainly set in the State of Tabasco, during the turbulent time period running from the Mexican Revolution to the late 1950’s. In one sense we’re dealing with a dreamy, genteel, picturesque — though somewhat atavistic — world, in which the paddlewheel steamboat remains the preferred means of long-distance transportation, in which the townswomen wear ruffled organdy or tulle dresses while daintily promenading, parasols in hand, around the town square; where couples, young and old, dance on Sunday afternoons to the elegant melodies of pasodobles, danzones, tangos or boleros; and where the finest merchandise, ranging from the mundane to the exotic, arrives daily to the various commercial ports along the Tabascan coast, having been shipped there from the metropolises of New Orleans and Havana.

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