Encounter Between Cuentos and Versos. By Irene Pérez.

Encounter Between Cuentos and Versos. By Irene Pérez.

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Encounter Between Cuentos and Versos. By Irene Pérez. ISBN: 978-1494379919

This is a publication of Floricanto Press.  Encounter between cuentos and versos is a gem to treasure as stories told in poetic forms for readers of all ages—from young adults to the more experienced and seasoned booklover. These poems show us a childhood lived in Puerto Rico, and they uncover a heart awakening to meet the complexity of a new life in the U.S. mainland. The many contrasts found here serve as portals into a private self facing fear and courage—“If you dare startle what’s inside the wall…”—and into the public self looking outwards with compassion—“But one day/Beyond the noise of all histories . . .” The Spanish dispersed throughout this collection adds a necessary pulse to the poet’s love and care for the beat and rhythm of language. But at its core, this work stands strong with meaning, encountering beauty, through lyricism, in the past and in the attention to the now.

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