Fields of Poison Migrant Farmworker to Crusading Physician. By Michael Halperin.
Field of Poison

Fields of Poison Migrant Farmworker to Crusading Physician. By Michael Halperin.

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Latino agricultural labor health and Social conditions


Antonio Velasco biography


Mexican agricultural labor health and social conditions


Mexican agricultural labor

Feature 5

Latino Civil and Agricultural Labor Rights struggle

Fields of Poison Migrant Farmworker to Crusading Physician. By Michael Halperin. ISBN: 978-0-915745-21-0.  262 pgs. $22.95. 6"x9" paperback. 

Fields of Poison recounts the odyssey of Antonio Velasco from a village in rural Mexico to a life of back-breaking labor as an eleven-year old migrant farm worker in America.  With determination, foresight, and overwhelming intellect he rose to the heights of the scientific and medical professions. Major corporations fought Dr. Velasco’s determination to investigate and prevent life-threatening pesticide poisoning. Against enormous odds he developed diagnostic protocols and treatment of toxic pesticides that have a long-term impact on public health. Dr. Velasco’s story represents the American ideal that the  nation benefits from generations of immigrants. 

“...story of the extraordinary brilliance and tenacity of Dr. Antonio Velasco in overcoming systemic racism and injustice in America. His story reminds us it is possible to bend the arc of history towards justice.” Harry Snyder, J.D. Advocacy Leader in Residence, University of California School of Public Health.

“...relates...the battles encountered by Dr. Antonio Velasco in seeking social and legal justice to protect workers from highly hazardous pesticides…. .”  Graham Matthews, PhD., Emeritus Professor of Pest Management, Imperial College, London.

“[with] burning passion for justice…Antonio converted his anger into achievement.”  Sen. Bill Monning, California State Senate.

“...significant portrait of human courage and the potential that lies within us all to learn from personal suffering and to substantively contribute to the larger good.” Daniel Rothenberg, Ph.D. Professor of Practice, School of Politics and Global Studies.

Michael Halperin, author, playwright, screen and television writer Michael Halperin served as Executive Story Consultant, 20th Century-Fox and Story Editor, Universal Television, and writer-producer for MCA Television. He authored Black Wheels, National Education Association choice for its African American 100 Best Book List.  Best-selling Jacob’s Rescue: A Holocaust Story, Random House, written under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, was named ABA Best Book, Children's Book Council; Notable Children's Trade Book, Int'l. Reading Assn. Teacher's Choice. Writing Great Characters, Lone Eagle; Writing the Second Act, MWP; Writing the Killer Treatment, MWP are staple texts for universities.

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