Infinitas. Carlos T. Mock.

Infinitas. Carlos T. Mock.

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Latino biography


Puerto Rican Non-Fiction Biographical essay


Puerto Rican LGBT Biography

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Latino LGBT literature

Infinitas. Carlos T. Mock. ISBN: 978-1-888205-38-1. $19.95.

As a Puerto Rican living in the US, I no longer fit into my homeland. Every time I travel there, I'm considered un Americano. I'm always addressed in the English language. What's worse, my Puerto Rican friends who live on the Island don't seem to care about me anymore. I guess we've gone our separate ways-I've become too public with my homosexuality, while they endure best by living within the closet. On this side of the pond, in the United States, there are Puerto Ricans who have never been to Puerto Rico. They don't speak Spanish, they don't know our history or culture-yet, they declare themselves Puerto Rican.

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