Life Renewed. By Rudy H. Garcia.

Life Renewed. By Rudy H. Garcia.

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Life Renewed. By Rudy H. García. ISBN:13: 978-1722656799. $22.95 6" x 9" 196 pages

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The inspiration and composition for this book of poems came from three vital sources in my life. My lovely wife Rita Catalina, our four Beautiful daughters; Risa Eulogia, Maria Magdalena III, Marisa Natalí, Carisa Che, our four granddaughters, Gia, Iris, Maya, Alejandra and my faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. 

The book has three parts. Part one is poems of love. They came from the profound love I have for my darling Rita. Perhaps it was fate, I cannot say for certain, but I can recall having a real strong gravitation to her since childhood. We were twenty-three when we married; we are fifty-nine now, and the love I feel for her grows stronger with the passage of time. 

Part two has poems for our daughters and children. Each one of them owns the whole of my heart. I have been asked more than once the common question that people ask fathers who have more than one child, “Which one of your daughters is your favorite?” My reply is always the same. They are each my favorite. I can honestly say that the love and affection I have for them is without bounds. 

Part three contains poems of faith. I do not know when it is going to happen, but there are intervals in my writing that when I sit to write, an overwhelming feeling of presence consumes the moment. 
God is near, Christ is close, the Guadalupe is near. 

Part four reflects and arouses an awareness on social issues and a continuous movement towards equity for all in our evolving society. And so, this book of verses is for my darling wife, my wonderful daughters, granddaughters and my faith in God, Jesus and the Virgin de Guadalupe.

The book of poems Two Eagles, speaks to the life experiences of Rudy H. García encompassing four chronological stages from childhood memories, immigration issues, educational experiences, and values of hope, faith, and love. The title, Two Eagles, symbolizes the Mexican Golden Eagle and the American Bald Eagle, was chosen by the author to depict his Mexican-American culture and heritage while also captivating the essence of the real life experiences growing up on the border of these two great nations, the United States of America and Mexico. The love of these two countries comes from daily exposure and fluent use of two languages, English and Spanish, and his appreciation for foods, music, and television with family and friends of these two ethnicities meaning everything “All-American” and Mexican. The total immersion in these both great cultures in the author’s life made it impossible to separate the two. Hence, accepting the demographic identity of being Mexican-American proudly enjoying fully, the best of two worlds.

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