Mountains that touch the sky. By Patricia Sorg.

Mountains that touch the sky. By Patricia Sorg.

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Latino Fiction Social life and customs book


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Latino Fiction book


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Hispanic literature book

Mountains that touch the sky. By Patricia Sorg.  ISBN: 978-0-915745-05-0  248 pages. $19.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino book, Guatemalan literature book, Latino literature book, Hispanic literature book, Latinos--Social life and customs Fiction book, Guatemalan life Fiction  book

This book is published by Floricanto Press.



Guatemala, Pueblo Nublado, 1931. Sofi is a rural teacher who arrives at Casa Montesanto, located at the foot of a volcano in the beautiful and mysterious Bosques Nebulosos, to be the assistant of the Vega sisters. Unsuspectingly, she finds herself at the service of a dark and greedy family, obsessed with power and wealth, that hides a sinister past. Cecilia, the youngest daughter, has been forced to create her own secret world to survive after a horrible trauma left her mute. By helping her, Sofi begins a journey full of love, determination, and courage that continues through Camila, her granddaughter. As Camila digs up the family mystery through Sofi’s clues, she discovers both her purpose in life and her true love. Grandmother and granddaughter tell the story in two voices. Ixcanul Te, the nearby volcano, intimately aligned with Cecilia’s soul, echoes the narrators as it witnesses the atrocities that happen in Montesanto.

“The author inter-weaves three different timelines and three different voices, not allowing the reader to put down the book from beginning to end. This thought-provoking thriller, beautifully written, breaks through the barriers of a conventional Gothic novel. A true masterpiece!”—VIDA AMOR DE PAZ, Columnist, Writer, TV Personality and Environmentalist, Winner of the Presidential Award 2010 in Guatemala, and Woman of the Year 2018.
“A journey into a volcano—an ambitious family, and the shy young women who, without much talk, shook a whole town. Magic and verb are the key ingredients of this great story, which challenges the reader from the first to the last paragraph.” —ANDRES CORREA GUATARASMA / North American Academy of the Spanish Language

Patricia Sorg is an award winning Guatemalan artist who has exhibited her work throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Captivated by the colors and beauty of her native country, Patricia has been telling vivid stories through her paintings since she was very young. It was this same inspiration that compelled her to write her first fictional novel, MOUNTAINS THAT TOUCH THE SKY (Montañas que tocan el cielo), in which the customs and traditions of her people come to life. Now an American citizen, Patricia lives in Sarasota, FL, where she is dedicated to her creative career, exhibits her work and leads painting workshops.

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