Reconstructing a Brown Identity. By Philip Labrado.

Reconstructing a Brown Identity. By Philip Labrado.

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Latino essay Race relations Barrio Social Life and Customs

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Reconstructing a Brown Identity. By Philip Labrado. ISBN: 978-1-951088-05-7  $23.95  332 pgs. 6"x9"

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Beyond serving as a mere handbook through which the reader can pursue decolonization, this work illustrates the indivisibility of an indigenous heritage that transcends borders, lingual impositions and the artificiality of nationalism.
this literary masterpiece also celebrates original cultural traits that we have somehow managed to conserve in the core of our confounded identity. All in all self-hate mentalities shall be seen for what they are under the scrutiny of the proud descendant of mighty peoples seeking to emerge from within us all. A renewed sense of appreciation for the indigenous aspect of our heritage shall herald a brand new era of indigenous liberation!

Mr. Labrado’s professional life has been invested in  tele- communications and customer service fields where he acquired much insight into the matters of culture and linguistics further enriching his literary approach. Unmarried and childless at the time of this account, he aspires total dedication to his literature along with activism for all matters indigenous. Mr. Labrado has revealed competent versatility in both fiction and non-fiction works focusing on indigenous topics, folklore, and humanities.

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