Reinventing the Wheel. By Nathan Belisle.

Reinventing the Wheel. By Nathan Belisle.

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Reinventing the Wheel. By Nathan Belisle. ISBN:978-1979013598. $23.95. 6" x 9" 292 pages

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When they were five, Po wanted to be a Jedi and DP, Batman. It’s not clear as adults if those aspirations have ever changed. 
The cousins and best friends haven’t seen each other in five years, not for ill will, although the last time they were together ended in a fist fight in Mexico, but for DP choosing to live in Minnesota while Po chose south and on to Brazil to explore his father’s native land. 

DP might have a hang-up for politics while Po has always been pestered by religion. Two maladies they are both on the path to remedy. Unbeknownst to them, they are being considered for initiation into an order, a mysterious order of which little is known in the first installment of this series but only hinted at. 
Healthier passions the two share are hard drinking, heavy rock n roll, surf and travel. DP hates when Po mentions lizards or talking deer, but just because he has an aversion to the discussion doesn’t make them any less manifest.
After the loss of his post as journalism professor at a small community college in Northern Minnesota matched with graver events, DP grows each day more anxious to check up on his cousin who has always been somewhat of a wildcard and whose mental health may have been at certain times questionable. 

And questions are exactly what have gnawed at Po. Po is usually drinking and along with that has the custom of toasting. Definitely one of his favorite to raise a glass to comes courtesy of Edgar Allan Poe that “Mysteries force a man to think, and so injure his health.”

The two should do just fine once they reconnect and get back on the path they have been groomed for and lead to. Their cosmos is set to expand with the admission and submission to the prospect that they know little of what lies but one ring in, one ring out.

Nathan Belisle studied journalism and Spanish in Minnesota before getting English-teaching certification and setting out to see something of the world. He is currently teaching English somewhere in the Americas. He writes when he finds time from other endeavors. He also works in translation when a project comes his way. He writes when he can steal the time from other duties.


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