The Cult of Jaguar. By Bonnie Hayman.
Cult of the Jaguar

The Cult of Jaguar. By Bonnie Hayman.

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Mayan and Aztec civilizations in children's literature

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Hispanic Young Adult literature

The Cult of Jaguar. By Bonnie Hayman. ISBN 0915745585. $25.95. HB

Centuries ago, in the darkest jungles of Mexico, a young Mayan boy named Xichantl witnessed his father and most of his tribe follow the hallowed jaguar into the Graylands, never to be seen again. Set in the sultry and mysterious jungles of Mexico, with a backdrop of Mayan calendar, pyramids, Maya prophecies(calendario Maya, pirámides y profecías), the story revolves around several interesting characters who are after the same thing-each for a different reason. What happened to the ancient native civilizations of Mexico and Central America, which disappeared without a trace? The Mayan and Aztec cultures left important archaeological sites in Middle America before their civilizations vanished from this earth.

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