The Druglord. By Peter A. Neissa.
The Druglord

The Druglord. By Peter A. Neissa.

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Colombian Drug Cartel Latino Fiction book


Latino literature book


Colombian Drug Cartel Latino Literature book


Latin America Drug trafficking in literature book

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Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha ("El Mexicano") Biography book

The Druglord. By Peter A. Neissa. ISBN 091574526. $22.95.

It is the true life story of Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha ("El Mexicano"), the drug lord of the Bogota branch of the Colombian Drug Cartel. This historical novel offers a factual and knowledgeable Colombian perspective that well connected Colombians have known for years: the real Drug Cartel, a group consisting of over two-hundred drug traffickers, met for the first time in 1976, not to discuss drugs, but to devise a solution to the kidnapping and murders inflicted upon them by the Marxist guerrillas. It is the gripping story of "El Mexicano,"  when at age six, he witnesses the massacre of his family by the Colombian Army. It shows his involvement with the adolescent city gang, El Centro, which controlled Colombia's lucrative emerald black market, to the Cartel's development from a national to international status.


Latino and Latina Leaders of the 21st Century
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